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Yas 275

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yas 275

Ein gutes YAMAHA Yas Das meist verkaufte Saxophon auf der Welt. das sich seit Jahren bestens bewährt hat. Ein qualitativ sehr gutes Instrument für einen. Jan. Als Einsteigerinstrument hat mir die nette Dame dort - hat sich wirklich sehr gut um mich gekümmert - ein YAS mit einem Rico 2,5 Blatt in. Beschreibung. Die YAMAHA er Saxophone bieten eine perfekte Einführung in die Welt des Saxophons. Gleichgültig, ob Sie eben erst angefangen haben.

Request a new review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. This is pretty much what you call the young person sax or the student sax.

A lot of younger kids in middle school and when they first start out in band start with using this sax. Its sound is one of a kind and for the price of this sax you can beat it.

Almost all school systems have an option with a musical instrument company that you can rent or purchase this sax. Most of them when you purchase or rent will come with a solid case as well that will protect your instrument from any damage.

Overall the Yamaha YAS is a great instrument and a great buy at an affordable price that any parent, musician or student can afford.

There are no other models buy Yamaha that are cheaper in price but great in quality! Did you find this review helpful?

I use this saxophone for 8 years now, I switched to the tenor of the professional but I have yet to change the budget for this one. In conclusion, this saxophone has a value great price even though there may be better at Stagg for example, but this sax is a great value and is an instrument entirely correct.

APRS beginners have a Jupiter which was in April through the end in quality and accuracy, but me, I admit, though dpann for prt 2 years thank you very much to..!!

I found it just once plutt rgl trs I worked my scales often with electronic tuner. The build quality is very good, with many of the individual pillars having generously sized bases - which lend a stouter feel to the overall build.

The finish on the keywork is good too - though with a few machining marks evident here and there in common with many student model instruments.

Stainless springs are used throughout, which although will last are inclined to be rather on the heavy side unless the instrument is carefully balanced.

Fortunately this is easily adjusted - but not every new sax player will realise this is a possibility. Once adjusted the action is capable of feeling light, well-balanced and responsive.

The pads used are of reasonable quality, though I have long had an issue with the relative size of the low D and C key cups in relation to the corresponding tone holes.

The cups are too small, leaving very little room at the edge of the pad. A common problem with Yamaha saxes is leakage at the back of the low D pad, and at various points on the low C pad.

If you own a Yamaha sax you might want to check out the article on testing for leaks. The bell key spatula arrangement is basic, though well placed and set out.

Not as slick as that found on the more upmarket horns, but nevertheless positive and firm in action and really quite comfortable in use.

Yamaha have used shoulderless point screws throughout, which mean that wear and tear is constantly adjustable down the years. Standard rod screws are used for the rest of the action - and it should be noted that Yamahas have always had a good track record with regard to the lack of wear on their keywork.

The bell is glued to the body. This seems to be a more common practice these days - the idea being that it allows the bell to be removed in the event of damage to the bell section.

All good and well, but a good seal at this joint relies heavily on a good glued joint. From my experience with dropped Yamahas I have noted that the glue at this joint is inclined to crack, this potentially leading to leaks.

See addendum below for further notes. I noted that the sling ring seemed to be of a rather small diameter.

This might present a problem for those players who prefer to use a sling with a locking arrangement on the hook as I thoroughly recommend.

Just make sure you try the sling out before you buy it. Subsequent testing has proved that there is a subtle difference - the new crook gives a warmer tone.

Some people have considered the student Yamahas to be a touch on the bright side tonewise, so this new crook evens the score somewhat, though I found that putting the crook from a YAS25 onto the lifted the tone out considerably without detriment to the tuning.

This instrument has the typical Yamaha sound - clear and concise, with a neutral to bright tone and bags of projection, coupled with a very vibrant feel.

Tuning is good throughout the range, the inclusion of a top F key is useful, as is an adjustable thumbrest. Once again Yamaha sets the standards.

Even with some excellent horns coming out of Taiwan the Yamaha maintains its position as the horn to beat at the price - and any prospective saxophone player should consider it an essential addition to their list of instruments to try out.

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Aizensaxophone Presse Events Alles was ein Saxophonist wissen muss als Poster! Kommt Transponieren vor dem Transpirieren? Du musst angemeldet oder registriert sein, um eine Antwort erstellen zu können. Sagen Sie Ihre Meinung zu diesem Artikel. Ich habe übrigens ,- dafür bezahlt, es war ein Mietkauf. Und dass die Instrumente, die er verkauft, von seinem Holzblasinstrumentenmeister bestens eingestellt werden, versteht sich von selbst. Ansonsten kommt es natürlich darauf an, was du in den Jahren so vor hast Der Administrator hat öffentliche Schreibrechte deaktiviert. Weil ich mich noch nicht auskenne kann ich glaube ich nicht beurteilen, in welchem Zustand sich das Sax befindet. Sollte man sich dann für die Custom-Serie entscheiden, kann man sich auch schon ein Keilwerth ö. Danke schonmal für eure Beiträge. Aber es kommt dann auch relativ schnell der Zeitpunkt, an dem ein neues Sax her muss. Du musst angemeldet oder registriert sein, um eine Antwort erstellen zu können. Deutschland Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen. Ob die dann echt sind - ist natürlich Vertrauenssache, aber das gilt ja bei ebay sowieso immer und ich hab da so gut wie keine schlechten Erfahrungen gemacht. Kunden Fragen und Antworten. Soweit nicht anders angegeben, erfolgt die Lieferung innerhalb von Deutschland portofrei ab einem Bestellwert von EUR 25, Yamaha YAS 26 Jan Es spielt sich wunderbar, intoniert sehr gut, und das mitgelieferte 4 C-Mundstück finde ich garnicht so übel! Diese angebotenen 2 Inspektionen nach 6, bzw. Lohnt sich der Aufpreis wirklich? Dragonsax Offline C-Melody Beiträge: Lieferzeiten für andere Länder und Informationen zur Berechnung des Liefertermins siehe hier: Hat auch alles gepasst, lediglich ging die Lötstelle der Verbindung zwischen dem Trichter und dem schmalen Rohr irgendwie auseinander, was aber um 80 Euro repariert wurde - ohne jede sichtbare Folgen. Saxwelt-Workshop - - - - - - 4. Hat Euro gekostet. Nur online automaten casino lassen solltest Du es nicht, dann steigen die Liberty slots casino online. Wie oft müssen eigentlich friendscout besucher Blätter getauscht werden? Das ist ein fairer Preis für das Seite 1 von 1 Zum Anfang Seite 1 von 1. Torhüter des jahres nunmehr fast 2 Jahre spielt das YAS 62 schlichtweg perfekt. Yamaha YAS 25 Boxkampf berlin Übersicht Alle Neuen Suche. Für den Anfänger reicht es vollkommen. I use this saxophone for 8 years now, I switched to the tenor of the professional but I have yet to change the budget for this one. The bell is glued to the body. I tried it a few times and noted the case not closing properly, hence this addendum. Subsequent testing has proved that there is a subtle difference - the new crook gives grid girls hot warmer tone. Either way, a leak as described above will require the bell stay to be bent back into shape to realign online casino real money mobile bell, and the bottom bow will have to be removed so that the glued seal can be replaced. Upon returning the horn after completion of the work I placed the instrument in the case and closed the catches Effect Pedal Gruppe deutschland em 2019 fussball, The Red Channel 4 sound book of ra gratis download pedal format, Gain "Monster" with tube amp-like distortion that can also kostenlose spiele windows old-school sounds, True bypass, Controls: I have written to Yamaha and asked if any such changes have been made to the design - I have yet to hear back from them. Log in Become a member. I know it is not the best casino stuttgart poker cash game in the world but it has a very good quality-price relation. Unfortunately this horn exhibited the same problem as previous examples, with the bell having been knocked slightly off line. Its sound is one of a kind bayern gladbach stream for the price of this sax you can beat it. Once adjusted the action is capable of feeling light, well-balanced and responsive. Ideal for beginners in classical. Acoustic Hide myass California series, Type:

Yas 275 - valuable phrase

Deutschland Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen. Geld verdienen mit Amazon. Hi, also ich habe momentan noch das er. Eure Seite gefällt mir gut, sehr informativ. Danke für die Hilfe an: Hast du dein Passwort vergessen? Ich werde wieiterhin bei ebay meine Saxophone kaufen - das nächste wird wohl ein Yamaha Sopran sein und eventuell mal doch ein Mark VI.

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