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Rbl porto

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rbl porto

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Retrieved from " https: Glad you are liking the tool, looking forward to meeting you also at the Seattle Maker Faire. Incidentally, I switch between running Windows 7 64 bit and on the Pi.

Rarely do I run on standard Linux and the Mac. Yes, I received them. I discovered and fixed the problem. There is a new build on the distribution site first line on top of this page version 3.

I also has additional enhancements which is why it took so long to get back to you. The new version appears to run both your files correctly.

Please let me know if you run into any other problems, as I am curious about grbl and its subtleties with modal commands, which appeared to cause the problem.

Incidentally, the solution was to always wait for the coolant off ok response before sending further commands. Yes, the code now works… but… I now have another problem — overall cycle speed.

Unfortunately, my device needs seconds total cycle time and I was banking on your fabulous aggressive preload as it worked prior… With 3.

I found out that with 3. It only locked up yout 3. I was getting lockups randomly about commands into the sequence with 3. Although I could offer an option checkbox to not wait for M9 ok, if you and I are experiencing different behavior, that may not help much in the long run possibly it is due to different builds or version of grbl?

I imagine grbl knows that it has to wait for M9 to complete before execution of the next motion command, so all we have to do is keep the buffer full?

This whole business of waiting for the ok was determined experimentally. It has something to do with the way grbl is coded. Keep track of which hex file you burned onto your arduino.

Then we could both try the same version of grbl or a newer one, but same binary with 3. Encouraged by my minor success, I did the same with gbrl and it also builds.

Also, you can comment out lines 43 and 44 in gcode. Hi, I just downloaded 3. Is that something on my end that I need to fix or did I stumble on a bug?

Feel free to add any problems you find. Example if I make the origine on the top of my piece an I send G1 Z How i can really change Z direction?

Thanks for your help Excuse me for my english i am french. The z-direction invert is only for manual control. To invert, you have to change the z-bit in the grbl config and then undo the change you made to the invert checkbox.

Click on the GRBL settings button on the main screen. Then you will see the step port invert mask item. For more detail, look at https: The idea is to switch the z direction bit 7.

Use a scientific calculator that has decimal to binary conversion like the one that comes with Windows and enter the decimal value you currently have, on my system it is it will likely be different in yours , convert to binary, which on mine is Then change the left-most value in my case it is a 1 to a 0.

If yours is a 0, change it to a 1. Thus changing z direction on mine would be Now switch that number back to decimal, which here would be 32 and enter and save.

Now all of your z direction controls should be in the right direction. If that is still confusing, i can help you further, just let me know what value you have and i will tell you what value to enter.

Would you be interested in adding the possibility to connect to a tcp port via QTNetwork instead of a serial port? The lantronix module is transparent, anything that enters the tcp side exits via the uart txd, and anything that enters via rxd is sent via tcp.

That is easy to differentiate from normal serial port names. Not a bad idea. I will add it to the feature request list up on github.

Practically speaking, I am probably not going to implement it anytime soon, so will need help from the community to get this into the software.

I recommend either 0. There is a known problem with certain paths failing that I do not see in the newer 0. I have not worked with 0.

Seems to give a strange error in the y-axis, when he completes an executable rights seems lost and step back to 0 when the routine wrong, what could it be?

Send me the log file snippet by replying or you can email it to me at zapmaker at this domain name. The Grbl controller looks good on the screen, and I can open a.

If you think you have the right hex file, try changing the baud rate — I have a hex file for that hardware that needed baud, which was not expected.

Grbl Controller requires that the Grbl initialization message appears before it proceeds with further communication. I have the same Problem.

I Changed the Buad Rate, but nothing happened. I just installized the grbl Controller on mi PI according to your tutorial on the Page.

All this 12 steps worked fine. Do i have to change some settings or shut i need to write a HEX code somewhere?

If knowing the exact steps to install the hex file would be useful from the pi, let me know and I will write it up. Hi, thanks for your reply, The hex file came from here: Is it necessary to use a G-Code uploader, or can I select a file?

Thanks again for your help. I will probably need to go over this with you in email. Is that arduino something you got with the laser cutter or did you set it up yourself?

If it came with the laser cutter then it should already have grbl on it. Or are you replacing different software with grbl?

Grbl connects via USB serial to your computer. This means you can actually use a serial terminal program like teraterm to give it instructions, but it is unwieldy for normal work.

All grbl versions that i know will display a message in the terminal program at power up, and Grbl Controller acts like one of those programs and displays that power up message.

After your last post I did realise I had downloaded the wrong hex file. It will be uploaded as soon as I get it. The laser cutter is one of those cheap ones from eBay.

Most of the people have gone to Mach3 and different driver boards, as I did. But I pulled out that Chinese driver board which is protected by a dongle and now want to replace it with the Arduino Mega This was something I already had bought for a 3D printer that never got off the ground.

The whole system is Ramps 1. There is a site http: As there is only the X and Y axis, he uses the Z axis to fire the laser. It works very nicely too, it was something I had tried, just before my Xylotex board died.

My own fault though, I had the amps set way too high. The Grbl Controller looks nice and simple, ideal for me. At this stage I only want to cut with the laser, engraving is a different matter and will need to be done with different software.

I will use either VCarve Pro 4, or Inkscape to generate the g-code. That message on power-up, is that sent automatically, or does the user send it?

Friend, how can I do to edit the source Grbl Controller? Therefore like to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese.

You need to install Qt. At this point you should be able to run Grbl Controller from Qt Creator and test your translations. Once happy, you can copy the qm file into C: Just entered the shapeoko community with a purchase of a shapeoko 2.

Got it built this weekend and ran the hello world from the Universal G-code sender. But I tried printing out the same hello world file in Grbl Controller v3.

Not sure what happened… i posted a comment last night but i think it got deleted. Anyhow, I really like this piece of software.

Any ideas what might be wrong? I have it set to baud in both programs. How long does hello world take to run on GrblController 3.

When doing an air run with grbl 0. If you can, try pulling down a slightly old version off my download site and see if there is any difference in performance.

I made a modification in 3. Someone posted a request on github to make the delay configurable. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Well, I tried 3. I hope you can help me to solve this problem. I run it on Linux. I set the delay on 20ms between two character. Coat about 1 hour and 48 minutes.

I set the delay on 20ms between two characters senting. As I emailed you, we need to figure out why you need to set the delay to 20ms.

The problem with setting it so high is that you will no longer be able to provide grbl with enough commands to buffer and the job will go slower and get too many accelerations that are not needed.

It may be a problem with grbl having problems with your gcode. You can try turning on command filtering in the GrblController Options and see if that changes anything.

There is no difference when i try it with or without the function checked. Circles are milled very slow.

What can i do to get the aggressive Preload strategy working? There should be a distinct difference in behavior between the two modes.

One way to tell is if you open GrblController. Also, please try the recently released 3. At the moment you can build 3. I saw there is version 3.

Any chance to put out a binary anytime soon? I hope to put Mac up there soon — let me know if you need Mac. Reposting the Google translation: The shield just controls the motors so nothing is loaded on that.

You do need to overwrite the arduino software on the Arduino and replace it with grbl. I use ArduinoUploader to do that.

I recommend you first install grbl before you put the shield on and make sure you can talk to grbl with Grbl Controller. Once you get that working, power down and install the shield.

Powering up should still work with Grbl Controller. As a convenience, can you add zero position buttons per axis in addition to the all axes zero?

When using a mill, you often use an edge finder to locate the origin of your stock, and this is done one axis at a time. I can achieve this with the G92 command, but having buttons a little bit larger too would be a nice addition.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have used it several times now and it seems great. I did however run into a problem yesterday and wanted to see if anyone else had experiences similar issues.

I am using Ubuntu Server I have cut out a few parts with great success, however yesterday after a particularly long engraving, I went to run a shorter trace cut.

The CNC stopped in the middle of it and complained that it had lost connection to the arduino com port. I closed and re-connected, but the connection was not established.

The only way I was able to reconnect to the arduino was after I unplugged the usb port and re-attached. I dont know what the trouble is, but unplugging and re-attaching the arduino did not fix it.

I am going to reboot and try another grbl sender in the mean time. Sorry you have had trouble with the lost connection.

You could try an air run with the options item Character send delay ms set to 10 and see what happens. Without making this change unfortunately there is no other way to know this is the cause without experimenting or going with a slower PC.

I can modify the code to clear out the grbl buffer under error cases which is done by close and reopening the com port — my very first version did that every time, but people complained that it was unnecessary, and they were correct, so I took it out — i just need to use that technique selectively.

Thanks for the info. Zap, Sorry for the delayed reply. I will try and spend some more time with the tool to give you a good detailed list of steps that I run through to introduce the problem.

I had two more questions I wanted to ask:. I wondered what you thought about having a couple of macro buttons the user could load g code into?

I was planning on putting a laser cross hair on my machine, it would be offset from the tool position of course. Having a button I could press to do that offset would be really handy.

I will add a feature request on github. I think it is a good feature request. Do you think Grbl Controller could work ok x pixels? There is a pretty neat project on kickstarter at the moment for a nice touch screen for the pi:.

A few versions ago I redesigned the UI to be dynamically sizable. On a PC right now I can get down to x It would be really hard to go any smaller, but not impossible.

The biggest problem are the dialogs, which are harder to make smaller, but you could make them tabbed to get around all the widgets on the dialog.

As for the main screen, if you could go without certain widgets like the position and replace with simple text, it would be possible to to shrink even more, probably down to the size you say.

I was thinking about it a bit more the other day, and was going to suggest a tabbed method, and some bits that would not be needed like the port selection.

That could be done as a command line switch for instance. They could be used to either do the tabbing of the display i.

The idea is very interesting. Possibly people on the shapeoko forum could direct you towards this kind of resource.

Basically you need to be able to draw what you need milled on a CAM program and then tell the CAM program how you want the parts milled — there is a preferred process for this — for example, it can be frustrating if you generate gcode from such a program only to find that you cut out a circle and forgot to add tabs, causing the circle to pop out and get damaged by the rotating bit.

I watched with great interest the videos from Openbuilds. I was hooked until they said that the steppers are always unlocked and he could turn them freely by hand!

Do all the arduino based stepper controllers work this way???? I have two CNC machines, both run open loop steppers and I can not even imagine running them this way.

Also a system with a butter smooth ballscrew driven z axis would drop the head without holding current!

Thank you very much for the answer and for the pointer to the parameters. I saw your board, it appeared to have only stepper outputs and power inputs, but it appeared to use all the pins from the Arduino board….

I am looking at a relay control system operated by a button that turns off power to the spindle and the Arduino stack including shield and also feed that info back into Grbl Controller.

The goal is true emergency stop with no software involved. The simplified approach is to reset the Arduino and then click the close port on Grbl Controller.

I hope to get a hook up diagram put together soon to answer your questions, as they are good ones. Hi, Im from switzerland, expect some funny english.

Well, Im using this software wit my cnc router and it works pretty well. Hope you can help me on this one, I have no Idea what could be necessary to get it running correctly.

If not, send me the five to ten lines of log output from GrblController at the time the error occurs. Also, if you feel comfortable, send me the file and I can run it on my Mac, PC, pi and see if is a file, computer, Grbl Controller, or grbl issue.

Email me at this domain with the username zapmaker. Also, take a look at the grbl FAQ https: Check your code to see if these are being sent.

After a long time in this project: Those commands are handled by grbl code and not part of Grbl Controller. Grbl currently supports the commands listed here: Grbl Controller by default passes on whatever command is issued to grbl unless command filtering is turned on.

So thank you very doing so. As far as I know, G40 is not supported by grbl. Grbl Controller passes on whatever command it is given to grbl and grbl decides whether to process it or not.

But be aware that Grbl Controller can filter out commands that it believes to not be supported — this is a checkbox you can tick or untick in Tools Options.

Keychain made with ShapeOko Arduino collector blog. Can you advice some hardware to use with this program? If you are not using Shapeoko, you can get some ideas from the electronics section of my build here http: There may be some problems with serial communications if using the board, mainly the virtual serial port is different than the standard serial port on an UNO, so grbl may not work right.

Here is some info. I have the same problem as other guys already had.

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